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Sewage & Waste Dredges

Piranha LS-Series Dredges
Remote Controlled
For: Sewage, Waste Water, Animal Waste, Paper Pulp

Piranha LS-Series dredges are highly portable & economical solutions for waste removal: sewage, animal waste, paper pulp, and water treatment sludge. Pump discharge sizes: 3, 4, and 6 inch. Pump horsepower sizes: 5, 7.5, 10, 15, and 20 hp. Flow rates: up to 1300 gallons per minute. Solids handling: 3 inch spherical solids. The programmable automated remote control allows for unattended dredging.
This dredge is 4 ft 9 in wide and a mere 9 feet in length. It’s compact design facilitates easy transportation and deployment. Yet it’s powerful pumps yield production rates equal to much larger and more expensive pumping systems.


Length……….….. ..9’’
Width………………. 4’ 9”
Height……………... 4’ 5”
Total Weight………..1069 lbs
Draft………………. 8 inches
Pontoons: Ultra High Molecular Polyethylene
Modular/Foam Filled
Excavation Depth: 25 feet max

Type: Submersible  Solids Handling
Motor: 5-20 hp, 1750 RPM, 460v.
Max. Spherical Solids: 3 inch

Control Panel (Automated):
Power: 230 0r 460v, 3 phase, 60 hz
Manual push button w/indicator lights
Main pump on/off, hoist up/down, traverse fwd/off/rev.
Main circuit breaker
Separate breakers for each branched circuit
Magnetic contactors w/overloads & reset push buttonsLS_Series_Dredge_Photo-420x208
Fused 120v control circuit
NEMA 3R enclosure
Urethane powder coated finish

Hoist Winch:
1 hp, TEFC, 230/460 VAC
Speed: 11 feet per minute
Load rating: 2000 lbs

Four corner lifting eyes & single point pickup
Oven baked urethane powder coated finish
304 stainless steel fasteners
Special tools: none required


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