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Mike Henderson
Golf Course Property Manager.  
Houston, TX
Product:  PS-165-E Mini Dredge

After looking into different solutions to a sediment buildup in our golf course ponds, the options were to use a backhoe or difficult manual labor. To bring in a backhoe was not only expensive but it was also difficult to bring in the machinery to where the ponds were.  I found the Piranha Mini Dredges and knew that we had found the solution.  We have been using the PS-165-E for over two years now and it has been great! 

Thomas Nielson
President of a Home Owners Association in Connecticut
Product:  PS-165-E Mini Dredge

As President of our Home Owners Association, we were given the task of cleaning and maintaining our resident's lake front property. Obviously, our first concern was getting the proper permits and permission from the city water authorities to do any dredging type work.  Fortunately, once we presented the Mini Dredge as a solution, the project was immediately approved.  It's very easy to use and has provided our resident's property with beautiful shore lines.

Thanks Piranha Pumps! 

James Morton
Marina Dock Owner.  
Destin, Florida
Product:  PS-165-E Mini Dredge

Over the years, our Marina has suffered from hurricane damage that has slowly narrowed the canal that leads in and out of our Marina.  Over time, it has not only narrowed but has become too shallow for some of the larger vessels to safely come through.  The area is not accessible to tractors or any large dredging equipment for that matter.  We purchased a PS-165-E Mini Dredge from Piranha Pumps in the Spring of 2005 and it was the solution to our problems.  It has not only cleared the canal and deepened the depth but it is great for routine maintenance around the whole Marina.  

I would highly recommend one of Piranha's Mini Dredges to anyone with a Marina Dock. 

Weston Marxon
Hotel Resort Property Manager.
Maui, Hawaii
Product:  PS-165-E Mini Dredge

As a Property Manager to an ocean front Hotel Resort, we get Cruise Liner Ships that skim the beach front and over time has caused quite a disturbance in our once beautiful beach front.  In an effort to restore the shoreline, we have tried everything to reverse this devastating process. However, all efforts up to that point had been to no avail as well as very costly attempts to resolve the issue.  A nearby resort referred us to the Piranha Mini Dredge and we knew as soon as we saw the concept that it was what we had been needing. It was truly the alternative we had been so desperately seeking and was surprisingly very cost efficient.  We have since used it with some of our neighboring Resort neighbors and it continues to impress us every time we use it. 

Hank Jefferson
Home Owner with Pond and Canal.
Baton Rouge, Louisianna
Product:  PS-135-E

My wife and I bought our home about 6 years ago and live next to a canal.  We also have a nearby pond that's about 150 ft (45 m) in diameter. Over the years it had gotten harder to get our pontoon boat out of our slip and into the canal. We tried several different small solids handling type pumps but they couldn't ever break up the packed sand. I looked on the internet at a couple different dredging setup's but they all seemed to be the same.  Either too big or too small for our job. I found the Mini Dredge and it seemed to fit right into what we were expecting.  It's agitator pump does a great job breaking up the packed sediment and making it easier to pump.  We use it every couple of months here and it always gets the job done.  

Last summer our neighbor bought the same one.


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