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Sediment Collection Bags


Piranha sediment collection bags effectively collect: sand, silt, & fines. The bag collects the sediment, while the clean water gently filters out from all sides. The bags we keep in stock are 2 m x 4 m. Generally, you have successfully filled the bag when it is about 50-60 cm high with sediment (2.5 to 3.5 cubic meters).

The bags can be placed almost anywhere, including on a trailer for easy disposal. If you place the bag on a slope, you should drive several stakes in the ground on the downhill edge. Without support to prevent the bag from moving, it will roll down the hill. It is also helpful to place the bag on a porous surface, allowing the bottom surface area of the bag to drain. This utilizes the entire surface area of the bag.

There are many flavors of geo-textile material available to make sediment bags. There is always a trade off, water quality vs ease of filling. Material with small pores that filters the water thoroughly, requires a large surface area to purge the water, hence very large bags. Much more porous material, produces dirtier discharge water, but is less prone to pore clogging. The bottom line difference is that there is a trade off between clean discharge water & ease of filling the bags. Our stock bags are made of porous material because of their relatively small size, 2 m x 4 m. They fill easily with coarser sediment & debris. Very fine sediment, like black organic mud, requires smaller pores & much larger bags which are available upon request.



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